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Our Featured Services

Take charge of your future with our cost-effective medical solutions offering nationwide!

Virtual Assistant

Our virtual assistants provide a full range of back office and practice management support.

Medical Billing Services

Our healthcare management services use cutting-edge technology to process claims, and payments with ease.

HIPAA Risk Analysis

We analyze your practice environment and evaluate your administrative and technical safeguards around health information.


What We Do Here

Revenue Cycle Management

Boost your bottom line and minimize administrative tasks.

Medical Billing

Transform your finances with efficient medical billing solutions for a thriving practice.

Denial Management

Stop losing money to denials - partner with our denial management experts.

Patient Experience Management

Enhance the patient journey with contemporary care.

Practice Management

Elevate your practice with our expert management solutions.

Medical Coding

Code smart, Bill smart with our medical coding services.

Analytics & Reporting

Unleash the power of your data with actionable insights: Analytical & Reporting Services.

Eligibility Management

Focus on your core business while we handle Eligibility Verification for you.


Take your career to new heights with our trusted and effective Credentialing Services.

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Our Qualities

What Can we do for You?​

Above & Beyond

We’re not your average revenue cycle solution. We go above and beyond to provide additional revenue-impacting services for front and back-end operational improvement to capture every dollar.

Improve Revenue by up to 15-20%

With a team of experts at the helm, our all-inclusive approach to revenue cycle management provides a seamless payment cycle to maximize your profit margin.

Reduce Account Receivable by up to 30%

We regularly follow up on all claims to ensure timely reimbursements and our dedicated team specializes in Aging A/R Recovery.

Powerful Support

A team of highly engaged account managers provides prompt responses to your everyday questions.

Strategic Advice

Strategic support from a professional team to keep you up to date with industry changes.

RCM Experts

Specialized billing, remittance, and collection experts optimize your payment cycle.

Analytics & Reporting

Make sound decisions with our data-driven reports that offer complete healthcare analytics for you to gain a new level of insight in to your hospital operation.

Full Transparency

The support you need without feeling like you’re losing control of your business. Your growth is measured in timely analytics and reporting that ensure data accuracy, process efficiency, and accountability.

98% Clean Claims Rate

The expert claim scrubbing team ensures error-free and clean claims for faster reimbursement and drastically reduces denials/rejections.

Payment Plan

Revenue Cycle Management

Percentage 2.49%


$1500 | $2500

Medical Coding

$ 3-5 (Depending on the complexity of the claim)


(Per enrollment)


What Our Clients Say

Our customer testimonials showcase the real results and experiences of those who trusted us, proving the power of our services. Get inspired by their stories, discover their transformations, and learn how our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has made a lasting impact on their success. Read on to find out why RRAH is the go-to choice for innovative and impactful healthcare services, virtual assistance, and custom software development.

We have Hired RRAH for Call center, Prior authorization, billing and New patient referral management for our practice.There service has been exceptional. They took the burden out of our practice. Patient complains regarding calls have decreased and the billing process is very streamline. We highly recommend their services.

Huma Habib Director at Liver Institute

RRAH Medical Billing is the real deal. Their team is responsive, knowledgeable, and always up-to-date with the latest regulations. With them handling our billing, we've seen a significant improvement in cash flow. Highly satisfied! I highly recommend all medical billing-related customers try RRAH at least once in their lifetime.

Ara Salazar Manager Medical Billing at West LA Medical

RRAH has transformed our medical billing operations. Their expertise and precision have had a remarkable impact on our revenue stream. Their responsive team ensures compliance and maximizes returns. RRAH is more than a service provider; they are a trusted partner. We wholeheartedly recommend RRAH to any healthcare practice.

Peggy Bafoe Sinam Care

RRAH has been a game-changer for our medical practice. Their expertise and dedication to excellence have significantly improved our revenue stream. Their responsive team ensures compliance and provides invaluable support. RRAH has become an integral part of our success. Try RRAH at least one time!

Jefferey R Hodgson MD Corporation

RRAH has truly elevated our medical practice. Their unmatched expertise in medical billing has not only boosted our revenue but also streamlined our operations. The team at RRAH is exceptionally responsive and ensures compliance at every step. We consider them an invaluable partner in our journey to success.

Aijaz A Khalid MD Pediatric Neurology

RRAH has made a significant impact on our medical practice. Their mastery of medical billing has increased our revenue and simplified our billing processes. RRAH's team is consistently responsive, and their commitment to compliance is commendable. We view RRAH as a vital asset to our practice's growth and highly endorse its services.

Christelle Oben Taks Care Group PLLC

RRAH is the financial boost we needed! Their expert billing services have ignited our revenue. Their lightning-fast responsiveness and unwavering compliance make them essential to our success. We wholeheartedly recommend RRAH to fellow healthcare professionals. Partner with them and watch your practice thrive!

Taffae M Cadeau Amore Health Care

Our experience with the medical billing and virtual assistant services from RRAH has been nothing short of exceptional. As the CEO of Telemed Nightingales, efficiency and accuracy in billing are crucial for our operations. RRAH not only streamlined our billing processes but also provided top-notch virtual assistant services, allowing us to focus on delivering quality telemedicine services. Their attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction have made them an invaluable partner in our success.

Lucy Norrell Telemed Nightingales

Working with RRAH has significantly elevated the efficiency of our medical billing procedures at Susan Shafran LLC. The team's dedication to accuracy and promptness has been instrumental in optimizing our revenue cycle. Additionally, their virtual assistant services have proven to be a game-changer, providing seamless administrative support. I highly recommend RRAH to any healthcare professional or organization seeking reliable and comprehensive medical billing solutions.

Susan Evelyn Shafran Susan Shafran LLC

Community Care Plus has greatly benefited from the exceptional medical billing and virtual assistant services provided by RRAH. As a physician, time is of the essence, and RRAH has allowed us to reclaim valuable time by handling our billing with precision and expertise. Their virtual assistant services have also lightened our administrative load, enabling us to prioritize patient care. RRAH is a trusted partner that consistently delivers results and exceeds expectations.

Dr. Matthew Cappola Community Care Plus

I am pleased to express my satisfaction with the outstanding services provided by RRAH. The medical billing solutions offered have not only increased the efficiency of our revenue management at Elite Care Rheumatology & Infusion Centre but have also contributed to a noticeable improvement in cash flow. The virtual assistant services have been an invaluable asset, ensuring our administrative tasks are handled seamlessly.

Anmol Dhillon Elite Care Rheumatology & Infusion Centre LLC
doctor-nurse | Best Healthcare Solution Provider

Our mission & Goal

Welcome to RRAH

At RRAH, our mission is to provide innovative medical solutions that empower companies to succeed. We deliver personalized and cost-effective medical billing services to help our clients stay ahead of the competition. With our experts, we ensure accurate claims processing, faster revenue recovery, and compliance with HIPAA guidelines.
RRAH provides a wide range of services including Virtual Assistant services, medical billing, healthcare, and denial management, and HIPAA Risk Analysis. The company provides customized solutions designed specifically to meet the unique needs of each healthcare business, leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and maximum revenue.
Our team of medical professionals has over 10 years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality services and solutions to our clients.
Our pricing model is based on an hourly rate or monthly rate for each service provided. We also offer discounts for larger projects or long-term engagements.

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RCM as low as 2.49%

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